This is Texas - we're proud of everything we have here, and to top it off, we like everything to be big. That's because we're better than all the other states, and we make things big to remind ourselves that we're better. Well tomorrow, Wednesday December 12, 2012, we are going to make use of both of those facts to further our training, goals, and general bad-ass-ed-ness. The goal is for every member to complete ONE AUSTONIAN. The Austonian is 56 stories - the highest residential tower in Texas. 

We won't climb the actual building, because they won't let us in, so to prove to ourselves that we are better than them, we will complete 56 stories at our normal Wednesday meetup spot - the Brazos Garage @ 6:30am. 

The Brazos Garage is 8 stories, so all it takes is 7 round trips. We've all done 5 before and it was easy. 

We've got this. Let's push it.